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  • Fekk Dragon: Rest assured: Your fate is decided.
  • [Fekk Dragon sniffs snif snif]
  • Fekk Dragon: Nothing you do can change that.
  • Fekk Dragon: But perhaps choices in one life ripple into the next.
  • Fekk Dragon: I am curious to see, in the birth.
  • Fekk Dragon: ... so how will you face your last minutes?
  • Fekk Dragon: Will you try to save your friend? Will you lift your hand against me?
  • Nosh: No
  • Nosh: ... I will not lift my hand against you
  • [Nosh goes Hurrrrrrrrrrr]
  • Nosh: I will lift YOUR hand against you
  • [Fekk Dragon goes Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah]

Special Cartoonist's Note:

  • Dave: Hi guys! It's Dave
  • Dave: I want to talk to you about Drive
  • Dave: As you know, Drive started as a personal passion project. The plan was to draw it in my free time... and that would be that.
  • Dave: As the story grew, thoug, thousands of folks got SUPER PASSIONATE for the strip! And they didn't want to wait until I had "free time". They wanted regular updates now
  • Dave: Which is awesome! I love that response!
  • Dave: ... But because Drive makes up such a tiny portion of my income, it's had to continually take a backseat to projects that pay them bills.
  • Dave: So today, with your help, I'm going to take action: I'm launching a Patreon campaign for the strip!
  • Dave: This is huge news. It changes everything!
  • Dave: Patreon is a simple way for people to support artists and projects they love. What Kickstarter is to big, one-time projects, Patreon is to long-term, ongoing projects.
  • Dave: Projects like Drive!
  • Dave: So please consider supporting the strip, over at
  • Dave: And thank you!


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