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  • [crowd chanting HOO-MAN in the background]
  • Skitter: That thing...
  • Nosh: Is massive! Is size of house!
  • Taneel: Is it... talking to her??
  • [crowd chanting HOO-MAN in the background]
  • Skitter: I can't tell with all this chanting
  • Nosh: Is not house. Is duplex.
  • Taneel: She's yelling at it.
  • Taneel: Orla, no! Run!
  • Nosh: She has her sword again
  • Skitter: It's rearing up!
  • Taneel: Orla!
  • Taneel: Why is she standing her ground??
  • Taneel: ... Run!!


  • This page is called "Is Size of House".