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  • Dave: Hi guys. It's Dave.
  • Dave: Normally, I don't draw myself into the strip
  • Dave: Probably because of this extra 20, here*
  • *40
  • Dave: But I wanted to tell you something kinda special: After four long years of working on it, my film STRIPPED is done!
  • Dave: Stripped is a documentary about Cartooning! A love letter to comic strips.
  • [newspaper says COMICS]
  • Dave: My buddy Fred Schroeder and I made it!
  • Fred: ... It looks at what happens to comics as newspapers die
  • Dave: The film turned out 'great'. And invited screenings at Pixar and Dreamworks got amazing resopnses!
  • Fred: It's a lovely film!
  • Dave: But we need your help. It's out today on iTunes, and we're trying to be the #1 film for ONE DAY!
  • Dave: If we make it, all sorts of wonderful things can happen for the film!
  • Fred: And it's not as impossible a goal as you might think
  • Dave: Also, it's just fun to see if two dudes with no studio do it.
  • Fred: ... The only thing standing in our way is that Justin Bieber doc.
  • Dave: BIEBER.
  • Fred: ... So if you love comics, please get a copy today!
  • Dave: And then I can go back to being a cartoonist!
  • Arthur: ABOUT TIME. You don't even remember how to draw Flaco!
  • Please grab a copy at...
    <a href=""></a>