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  • Taneel: Wait
    She has to fight?
  • Sett: Your servant has diminished my family. The arena is a suitable punishment.

Minion species member: #####!

  • Taneel: There's got to be some recourse we could
  • Sett: The proper recourse would be to kill her now. I am granting her a mercy! ... She may yet survive.
  • Sett: Some do
  • Taneel: Can I at lest have your word the fight will be fair?
  • Sett: The fights, human, will be anything but fair.
  • Taneel: [shouts] Sett, please! She's not a warrior!
  • Sett: Call a champion, then! Do you have a champion among you?
  • Cuddow: [whispers] (Six-time poetry-slam champion, ma'am.)
  • Taneel: NOT NOW, CUDDOW.


  • The member of the minion species speaks in a font that is astoundingly similar to the Makers language.
  • While there were comments on comic pages before this one, they seem to be lost. From this page on, Disqus comments can be read.[1]


  1. Comment by Dave