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  • Matching Fun!
  • Help Conejito join the Drive Corps! Draw a line from each picture to the correct name, so he knows where to go!
  • El Imperio
  • The Grasskan Empire
  • Drive Corps!
  • The Continuum
  • The Veetan Protectorate
  • IndústriaGlobo
  • The Tesskil
  • The Outer Colonies
  • Childhood coloring book of Emperor Cruz (age unknown). Note the book's early, incorrect identification of the Tesskans as "The Tesskil".
    Original copy held in the Biblioteca Privada de La Familia


  • This document was likely published circa 2384 (2384 being the first human contact with the Continuum, 2383 being the end of the Human-Tesskan war).
  • Also see this CC-BY-NC-SA image:
  • Translations:
    • conejito - little bunny[1]