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  • Asteen pup: You gotta put me down! Before my father sees me!
  • Orla: Ohhhh no, you little thief.
  • Orla: First thing I'm gonna do is show you to your dad.
  • Taneel: Orla, put him down.
  • Astina pup: You don' unnerstand. This is my trial! If my father sees me...
  • Taneel: [shouting] Orla: I said put him down.
  • Sett: You should listen to your elder, bright hair.
  • Asteen pup: Father... I...
  • Sett: Took... and got took.
  • Sett: You have failed your Sett. And every failure is a seed.
  • Sett: A seed of my destruction
  • [krunch]
  • Sett: [whispers] (800 children)
  • Sett: [whispers] (... and maybe five of them with wits.)
  • [minion goes hngg. while probably shrugging]
  • Sett: ... Do keep in mind, bright hair: That was how I treat my family.
  • Sett: You, on the other hand, are but a stranger.


  • This is the first time this Sett appears in the comic.
  • This is the first time this minion species appears in the comic.