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  • Nosh: Is one big market, this Slaughter.
  • Taneel: The five families keep it this way.
    Here, you can buy or sell any illegal thing you want, as long as the local Sett gets his slice.
  • Cuddow: But who actually runs the planet? It can't just be the Five Families.
  • Taneel: It's absolutely the Five Families. This is a mob planet through and through.
  • Cuddow: But who are the judges? Who are the police? What happens when crime occurs? .... Like right there?!?
  • Spikehead Hey! Hey! Someone stop him!
  • Nosh: Cap'n, I can grab him if you want.
  • Taneel: You'll do no such thing. We're here for pilots, not to get-
  • Orla: [grabs Asteen pup] A-HA!
  • Taneel: ... involved.


  • This is the first time this Asteen pup appears in the comic.
  • This is the first time this spikehead species appears in the comic.