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  • Centro Imperial de Inteligencia
  • Oficina de Análisis
    Nueva Sevilla
  • Ship-watch Status Request
    Field Draft: 1295.5984.2399.0987
    CII Interbranch Copy: DO NOT COPY

  • In light of recent Tesskan raids near non-aligned wolds using the stolen ship Spark of Thought, Imperial Intelligence in Nuea Sevilla requests a Watch status amendment for the ship.
  • The Tesskans onboard have not responded to hails, after well over 400 attempts employing different techniques.
  • Ship operation remains highly erratic and haphazard, but shows a slowly improving competence.
  • No current threat is assessed. But the potential threat in the hands of hostile Tesskan hands can not be overstated.
  • As such, this field office requests immediately moving the ship form "Watch" to "Threat" status.
  • the spark of thought
  • length: 2.4km
  • Complement: 80,000 (est.)
  • la invencible
  • length: 700m
  • Complement: 8,300
  • Markings on the aft sub-light engine casing suggests the ship was built around The Continuum core world Circle's End.
  • Estimates range from 3,000 to 7,000 Tesskans onboard. As far as we can ascertain, no Continuum crew remains onboard. Notably, rear cargo hatches have been left open, with occassional batches of Continuum corpses drifting out to open space.
  • Weapons fire has yet to be observed from the ship. Advanced weaponry is likely, but theoretical at this point.
  • Analysts continue to assess the ring placement on the Spark of Thought. Nueva Sevilla field branch is awaiting permission from Madrid to forward tech specs to Indústriaglobo: Current ring size and placement would suggest massive structural warping during operation, under current Indústriaglobo construction techniques.
  • Three days ago, the Continuum cruiser Joining Presence was observed attempting to interdict/board the Spark of Thought. After 30 minutes of microwave fire from the Presence, the Tesskans displayed a single defensive maneuver... and drove through the ship.
  • Vid-Pack attachment, intercepted by the Tres Primos, en route to Imperial Intelligence in Sevilla. First published in "Jane's Fighting Ships: Guide to History's Great Interstellars," Imprimátur del Imperio, 2456.
    Original copy held in the Biblioteca Privada de La Familia.


  • This document is from 2456 (55 years on from the events with the Machito).
  • This document describes events in late 2401 or early 2402.