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  • Porthos: [off-screen] Forgive us, cousin.
  • [bag says Pop Corn]
  • Porthos: ... We only have a few seconds, so we'll have to be quick.
  • Fernando: MAAAH! How'd you get onboard??
  • Tall Primo: We have our little parlor tricks.
    Like disabling onboard recording before we boarded.
  • Porthos: I'm very good with buttons, you see.
  • Fernando: But... I have to arrest you, now.
  • Porthos: Oh, I think not. You're too much like your father.
  • Fernando: Don't say that! My father was... a traitor.
  • Porthos: Ah, but that's what we've come to tell you!
  • Strong Primo: Your father was the best of men. We owe him our lives.
  • Tall Primo: He was robbed of his true place in the family.
  • Fernando: M... mom always said he got what he deserved.
  • Tall Primo: I think it is time to ask her again.
    Perhaps in a far-away, open field.
  • Porthos: ... In a noisy wind, and away from prying eyes.
  • Strong Primo: ... You may just get the truth.
  • Tres Primos: [off-screen] Nos vemos, pequno rey.
  • Tres Primos: [off-screen] We must be off.
  • Tres Primos: [off-screen] Much like truth itself... our little parlor tricks are fleeting, and only last so long against the might of the empire.