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  • Taneel: Thank you for the lift, captain.
  • Prahsitt captain: Mmmf! ... My pleasure.
  • Prahsitt captain: Be careful, now. Slaughter ain't a safe place for humans.
  • Taneel: Wee have no beef with the five families. If we lay low... that should help.
  • Prahsitt captain: [off-screen] Won't help much. Slaughter's a bad rock with bad folks breathin' bad air.
  • Taneel: Everybdy hear that? Keep an eye out for --oh come on, Nosh.
  • Nosh: What?
  • Taneel: They got your short already
  • Nosh: Awww... That was last clean one.


  • This is the first appearance of a whole bunch of species.