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  • Prahsitt captain: [off-screen] Sorry captain. I can't give you folks a ride. I'm not seeinf anything on your cargo list I need.
  • Taneel: [off-screen] There must be something
  • Prahsitt captain: Look. I trade exclusively with Grasskans. So unless you got their currency, we can't deal.
  • Taneel: What if -
  • Orla: ... I could offer you a digestive enzyme that'll expand your diet ten-fold?
  • Prahsitt captain: What?
  • Taneel: --What?
  • Orla: You're a travellin' guy. You know what it's like to land on a planet, half staved, and not be able to stomach anything in the local diet.
  • Prahsitt captain: Well, sure.
  • Orla: This enzyme'll fix that. Next palanet you're on, you can eat any organics you find: shoe leather, tree bark... whatever.
  • Orla: This enzyme breaks it down to tasty, workable bits
  • Nosh: Wait. What?? Orla, why haven't you shared this enzyme with the rest of us?
  • Orla: Why? You have some pent-up desire to eat shoe leather??
  • Nosh: No!
  • Nosh: ... Maybe!
  • Nosh: No one look at me.


  • This is the first time a Prahsitt appears in the comic.