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  • Taneel: OK, 'Nando: If we're out back in a week, leap the ship back to the empire. I don't want you stuck out here in the Wash.
  • Fernando: Understood
  • Taneel: You won't know the path to Earth, obviously. But you can at least fire up the Ring and call home.
    ... Arrange a pickuoo.
  • Fernando: Of course
  • Taneel: Well, that's it, then. The ship is all yours
  • Fernando: Right
  • Taneel: A ship... worth... 100 million Pesetas. All... yours.
  • Fernando: Yes, ma'am
  • Taneel: 100. Million. Pesetas. And you're what? 14?
  • Fernando: About to turn 15, Ma'am
  • Taneel: Perhaps let's stop talking
  • Fernando: Will do


  • They are currently located in the Wash, which lies between El Imperio, the Consortium of Duvell, Wirum and Slaughter.[1]
  • This is the first time the currency of the empire is discussed.
  • This is the first time the FTL communication is explained to be Ring dependent.<ref>Also mentioned in the blog


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