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  • Nosh: Well, at least we are going to a planet named Slaughter...
  • Nosh: ... and not facing a slaughter
    A ha ha ha ha
  • [silence]
  • Nosh: Oof. That is uncomfortable silence.
  • Nosh: [whispers] (... Are we facing a slaughter?)
  • Taneel: You'll meet 100 species on that planet, and each one is a mob hitman.
  • Cuddow: I don't believe we Fillipods have ever been to Slaughter?
  • Fernando: No one from the empire goes there, anymore.
  • Taneel: Speaking of which: We can't take the Machito there. An imperial ship will get shot on sight.
    ... So we'll leave one man behind, and hire a ride for the rest of us.
  • Orla: I'll watch the ship, cap'n.
  • Taneel: Wh-? No. No, Familia should stay with the Drive. Besides, I'll need my xenobiologist
  • Nosh: Is good to have one! Sometimes is hard to tell whether to talk to creature, or eat creature.
  • Nosh: ... I have made awkward choices in past.
  • Fernando: Well, I'm fine staying here. There's no part of me wants to go to Slaughter.
  • Taneel: Then Orla: Hail a ship and let's get started.
  • [Taneel watches Orla suspectfully]


  • A xenobiologist should be thrilled at the thought of going to such a diverse place, instead Orla wants to stay with the ship, on which only Familia should stay. Hmmm...