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  • Taneel: Cuddow. Wha--?
  • Cuddow: The pants gripped me fiercely, captain. It was too terrifying an embrace of fabric.
  • Orla: ... So he put them on his head.
  • Cuddow: They sing, do they not? As a hat?
  • Taneel: Take them off.
  • Fernando: Excuse me, captain. Permission to suggest a course?
  • Taneel: Lord. Yes. Thank you, 'Nando. Save me from this accidental dorm party.
  • Fernando: Well, so, Skitter's people were once seen at a fuel depot, right? So we know they're space-faring.
  • Fernando: But we also know they're not in the records of any major worlds.
  • Taneel: ... And?
  • Fernando: And where do space-faring folks go when they don't want to be in any records?
  • Taneel: Aha! I see what you mean! The six moons of Slaughter!
  • Fernando: Exactly! The six moons of Slaughter! We should search there!
  • Nosh: Achh, no! Is terrible name! ... "Slaughter"?? We need to find six moons of Smooches.
  • Nosh: Everyone raise hand if prefer to go six moons of Smooches.


  • This is the first mention of Slaughter.
  • This is the first mention of Smooches.[1]


  1. not an actual planet