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  • Cuddow: Tell me about yourself, Orla.
    ... Paint for me the canvas of your homeworld.
  • Orla: Don't have a homeworld, actually. I was born on a transport in deep space.
  • Cuddow: Ahh! A child of the stars! How romantic!
  • Orla: Hardly. My childhood was... complicated. I bounced around a lot.
  • Cuddow: [off-screen] Still romantic! To bounce around. Life on the road!
  • Orla: It was a terrible childhood. Took my mind years to get past it.
  • Cuddow: Even more romantic! The angst of a tortured path, leading to a happy outcome!
  • Orla: Was it a happy outcome??
  • Cuddow: Well here you stand! A science officer tasked with saving your race from coquerors!
  • Orla: ... By making you underwear that won't bunch.
  • Cuddow: Indeed!