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  • Nueva Sevilla, the outer colonies
  • Driver: [off-screen] I never unnerstan you Familia. Why you givin' all this grain to Ivanov? Man's a crook.
  • [wagons with numbers 24, 132, 68]
  • La Familia member: He is. But our family can't control an empire without... helping hands. Especially out here. So we take a page from the Romans, and we buy our friends when needed.
  • Driver: Just feels like people gon' be pissed if they ever find out ta---
  • La Familia member: ... Driver?
  • Tall Primo: ¡Saludos!
  • Tall Primo: Forgive us, cousin. But this grain is for the people of Sevilla.
  • La Familia member: "Cousin"? Who...?
  • Tall Primo: Tres Primos at our service!
  • Porthos: Or rather, very much not at your service.
  • Strong Primo: Give our emperor un besito for us.


  • This is the first time Tres Primos appear in the comic.
  • This is the first time the driver and the La Familia member appear in the comic.
  • This is our first time on the outer colonies, and on Nueva Sevilla.
  • Translations;
    • saludos - hi
    • un besito - a kiss