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  • Tesskan #1: We're stuck. Stuck on a big ship that smells like perfume,
  • Bloody Tesskan: *snif snif* Yeah.
  • Bloody Tesskan: ... How we gonna learn to fly this thing?
  • Tesskan #2: I shouldn'a killed that one Fillipod.
  • Tesskan #1: Or them four other Fillipods we found later.
  • Veteran Tesskan: Lemme ask you boys a question: How'd you learn how to fight?
  • Tesskan #1: Just... started hittin' things.
  • Veteran Tesskan: ... So think: How we gonna learn to fly this ship?
  • Tesskan #1: Just... started hittin' things?
  • Tesskan #1: ha HA HA ha ha
  • Tesskan #1: Lookit me, fellas! I'm learnin' to fly!
  • [The Spark of Thought goes Voo voo voo...]
  • [The Spark of Thought goes Voop. and flies out of the frame]