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  • Cuddow: Good captain! If it please you, I have a small gift to give my new crewmates.
  • Taneel: Oh. OK, Cuddow.
  • Cuddow: As you know, we Fillipods have poet hearts
  • Orla and Fernando: oh no
  • Cuddow: so I've taken the time to pen
  • Orla and Fernando: no no no no
  • Cuddow: a poem
  • Orla and Fernando: nooooo...
  • Cuddow: to celebrate this day...
  • Orla and Fernando: GUHH.
  • Orla: No! No Fillipod poetry! I have to get some work done this month.
  • Fernando: A Fillipod gave our convocation speech at Drive Corps: They had to truck in meals.
  • Nosh: Stop it! Listen to you all. Complainings and such. Is nice gesture, poem! Is pure gift, purely given.
  • Fernando: Nosh, have you ever heard a Fillipod poem? They're all 40 weeks long.
  • Nosh: pffft!
  • Nosh: Cuddow, you go ahead. Show them is not long.
  • Cuddow: "In the fitful and unfolding flow of years before my birth..."
  • Orla and Fernando: UGGH.


  • On Earth, the longest epic poem in the world is the Mahābhārata.