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  • Taneel: So... Where can we drop you, Cuddow?
  • Cuddow: I... don't know. I've never been off-world.
  • Nosh: Ooo! Maybe stay here!
  • Nosh: On the Machito!
  • Cuddow: No no no... I have no place on a ship.
  • Nosh: But what is choice?!? Home planet is no good... Earth has too many Tesskan guards...
  • Nosh: ... You can not stay long-term in Veetan gravity
  • Nosh: Can't live on Vinn. No one can live on Vinn.
  • Cuddow: ... Can't live on the Outer Colonies. The revolution is incessant.
  • Nosh: But think! You rank makes you ambassador.
  • Nosh: He could do that job, right cap?
  • Taneel: "Cap"??
  • Nosh: ... And I can teach you how to run ship! Is no problem! Buttons are all colors of rainbow.
  • Cuddow: You paint a rich tableau, Veetan.
  • Cuddow: But I believe he's right, captain. Joining your crew may be my best option.
  • Nosh: Eeee! Is like having new sleepover-party friends!
  • Nosh: We stay up and giggle!


  • This is the first mention of the outer colonies in the comic.