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  • Emperor Cruz: I made them stop building that palace of yours at Escorial.
  • Emperor Cruz: ... Built four new battle cruisers with the leftover cash.
  • Emperor Cruz: Four! ... What were you thinking??
  • Emperor Cruz: Not that the cruisers will help, though.
  • Emperor Cruz: I'm not sure what would help, anymore.
  • Emperor Cruz: I was gonna unleash the Tesskans on them. That was my grand, grand plan.
  • Emperor Cruz: ... But they cracked Tesskil in half. Whole damn planet, cracked in half.
  • Emperor Cruz: How do we fight that, tío?
  • Emperor Cruz: What firepower can fight that?
  • Emperor Cruz: On nights like tonight, I start thinking you were right.
  • Emperor Cruz: Maybe we should just give up the ring. Give it all back, and give up.
  • [Emperor Cruz stares into void]
  • Emperor Cruz: Anyway... I made them add the sword.
  • Emperor Cruz: You never once showed us how to fight when you were alive...
    Figured you could do it now that you're dead.
  • [engraving says



  • Translations:
    • tío - uncle[1]
  • This statue might be mass-produced.[non-canonical]


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