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  • Tesskan #1: [off-screen] Can you ake it fly, bug?
  • Tesskan #2: [off-screen] Yeah, can you make it fly?
  • Fillipod: I don't know. This language is... complicated.
  • Tesskan #1: But the ship's got a Ring. You can make it gor, right??
  • Tesskan #2: Yeah. Make it go.
  • Fillipod: Maybe if I had a Maker to explain the--
  • Tesskan #1: Makers is dead. You make it go.
  • Tesskan #2: Yeah, bug. You do it.
  • Fillipod: Sirs, I've never seen this language, before. It could take months to
  • [Tesskan's fist on Fillipod's head goes WHAM!]
  • [Tesskan's hands go krik]
  • Tesskan #2: ... What??
  • Tesskan #1: That was our only Fillipod.