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  • Captain Maker: Slow down, slow down. How many did we take aboard? How many broke out?
  • Other Maker: Roughly four thousand.
  • Other Maker: Maker, they've taken over the armory.
  • Captain Maker: Spirits! They made it all the way there?? Gas that enture deck.
  • Other Maker: We did. But it doesn't seem to...
  • Captain Maker: Then open the airlocks: Clear them out like Fikk rats!
  • Soldier Maker: Maker, a second group! In the corridor!
  • Captain Maker: What? Here? They're here??
  • Captain Maker: Mobilize my guard! And prep the cores...
    ... I'll blow the entire ship if necess--
  • [other Maker goes WHAM! as he gets hit by Tesskan]
  • Tesskan: Oh, that won' be ness'sary.
  • Tesskan: I wanna take yer purty ship fer a spin.