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  • Fernando: Tell me the story again, mom... the "Tres Primos" story.
  • Fernando's mother: That's a forbidden story. I shouldn't have told you that.
  • Fernando: Pleeease, mom. I'll go right to bed, afterward.
  • Fernando's mother: sigh-
    ... They were cousins.
    But not just cousin-cousins. They were brothers in every sense but birth.
  • Fernando: And they grew up on the Moon, right?
  • Fernando's mother: They grew up on the Moon. Away from the Earth and the emperor and the poverty.
  • Fernando's mother: And when they came to Earth, and saw the poverty, and saw the emperor doing nothing about it... they stole.
  • Fernando's mother: They stole from the emperor, stole from his companies, stole from his armies...
    ... and gave it all to the poor.
  • Fernando's mother: And when the emperor told the Tres Primos that their lives were forfeit, they stole one last time.
  • Fernando's mother: A ship. A Ring ship. One that would let them escape their emperor.
  • Fernando's mother: And so they flew, those Tres Primos, from colony to colony, planet to planet, putting right all the wrongs of their family.
  • Fernando's mother: And every night, they would go to sleep when their mother told them.
  • Fernando: Awww mom. Don't ruin it.
  • Fernando's mother: Go to sleep, 'Nando.
  • Fernando's mother: ... My little prince.


  • This is the first mention of the Tres Primos.
  • Background:
    • There's a Familia poster with Familia logo, a Ring ship model, a toy Tesskan, a chess board and a baseball in the second panel.
    • There's a toy Fillipod in panel 5. Interestingly, it seems to be designed for target practice.