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  • Fernando: What?? You know how the Drive works?!?
    ... Do you know what my family will do to your people when they find out??
  • [door goes shnnk.]
  • Cuddow: What, crack our planet in half? Oh wait.
  • Fernando: But how did... when did you figure it out?
  • Cuddow: During the war. Tesskans gave us two of your captured ships.
  • Cuddow: Took us about three years to sort it out.
  • Fernando: But you never used it. Why didn't you use it??
  • Cuddow: We lied to the Tesskans. Said we couldn't figure it out. They would've won the war with it.
  • Fernando: ... They would've.
  • Cuddow: ... So we gave them a near-light drive, and hid away the knowledge with just a few of us.
  • Fernando: That's... kind of amazing.
  • Cuddow: Look, everyone underestimates us. But Fillipods ain't ig'nant.
    We went from zero manufacturing to space travel in two generations!
  • Cuddow: I mean, come on. Can I get a what-what?
  • Cuddow: [sings] WHAT-WHAAAAT.