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  • Evolution is funny.
  • Generation after generation of Fillipods were naturally selected forr stalks capable of ever-stronger Van Der Waals forces. Basically, for reasons of diet.
  • [Fillipod whistles]
  • The Winter Tilla fruit has an amazing combination of protein, carbs, and vitamins... but has a tree bark that's glass-smooth, and impossible to climb.
  • Fillipod: [thinks] (Dang.)
  • Fillipod: [thinks] (Dang.)
  • Hence the natural selection toward Van Der Waals forces: The Fillipods who could climb... could live to breed.
  • Fillipod: Hey! Um, grab me one while you're up there?
  • Fillipod: You're on your own, champ.
  • It's an ability that's kept them alive for thousands of years.
  • And, oddly enough, did so again when their planet was cracked in half... and every Tesskan alive was flung 30 meters in the air.
  • Fillipod: [thinks] (Hey now)



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