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  • Cuddow: Sanctuary! I claim sanctuary!
  • Taneel: [off-screen] ... Just come aboiard, advisor. This isn't a dang Victor Hugo novel.
  • Cuddow: No, you don't understand! I'm abandoning my post: The Voss will have my stalks!
  • Taneel: The Voss has no authority when Tesoro's been invoked.
  • Cuddow: But his men are coming!
  • Taneel: So I'll close the hatch.
  • [WAP!]
  • [shhhnnk.]
  • Cuddow: ... And they're powering up the A-A guns!
  • Taneel: OK, now I'm listening.
    Skitter! Take us up before they get a change to -
  • [Tesskil goes THOOOOOOOOM.]