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  • Taneel: That thing is aimed right at Tesskil...
    Nosh, get the Grand Voss on the horn.
    Tell him a ship-of-the-line captain is invoking "Tesoro."
  • Nosh: OK... but...
    ... are all those real words?
  • Taneel: Just say it. He'll know what it means.
    And Skitter: Land us in the Tesskan capital in the meantime.
  • Skitter: 'K
  • Nosh: Ma'am? The Voss is demanding that---
  • Grand Voss: Captain!?! I refuse to abandon my planet. LEAVE ME BE.
  • Taneel: Sir, you are facing possible annihilation. I have the authority to evacuate your government if
  • Grand Voss: Bullshit.
  • Grand Voss: "Tesoro's" just a scheme to install humans in command. I won't fall for it.
  • Taneel: Gaaaaah. Doesn't the idiot see the hellmouth flying towards him?
  • Taneel: Nosh, get me somebody on Tesskil with half a brain. Try the... senior Fillipod advisor.
  • [boop]
  • Taneel: Sir, I don't know if your scanners are showing the huge
  • Cuddow: TESORO! ... tesoro tesoro tesoro


  • This is the first time the Grand Voss appears in the comic.
  • This is the first time the Cuddow appears in the comic.
  • Translations:
    • tesoro - treasure, since the government needs to protected...