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  • Tesskans have always been territorial.
  • Only errant fools or overconfident beasts enter their land.
  • Their conquest of the Fillipods was a reflexive twitch of that territorialism.
  • ... As was their war with humanity.
  • And now, as a massive foreign ship enters their space, they turn their entire fleet to attack
  • ... to move the immovable
  • Nosh: Tesskans, NO! This is enemy you can not beat!
  • Taneel: Nosh. You're yelling at hull plating. They can't hear you.
  • Taneel: Also: Vacuum of space.
  • Taneel: ... Ket's all put on our science caps.
  • [Nosh stares into void]
  • Nosh: I get excited. I try to help.
  • Taneel: I know, champ.


  • This is the first time this horned species is shown. It is different from the other horned species that we have encountered.