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  • Skitter: Captain? I'm... uh... sensing something.
  • Taneel: "Sensing" something?
  • Skitter: As we entered the Tesskil system, my mohawk picked up sometin' huge behind us.
  • Nosh: Ha ha! No one make joke! I am standing in FRONT of him!
  • Skitter: [off-screen] No, it feels like... I dunno.
  • Taneel: Nosh, man the rearscopes: What do you see?
  • Nosh: Is ship. Is big ship. I will magnificient.
  • Taneel: "Magnify"
  • Nosh: Oh no. Is... Continuum ship.
  • Nosh: Dreadnaught class.
  • Nosh: Aigh. Now BOTH my eye are twitching.
  • Taneel: ... Both eyes are SHUT.
  • Nosh: ... Is one long twitch.