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  • Nosh: My gran-pa-pa just confirmed it: He saw Skitter's peoples at Tesskan fuel depot.
  • Taneel: What were they doing there, I wonder?
  • Nosh: ... Getting fuel for their teeny tiny ships?
  • Nosh: -Ha! Or maybe getting mousse for their mohawks?
  • Skitter: I moussed it one time. Can you let it go??
  • Taneel: Welp, with no other leads, sounds like we're headed to Tesskil. Skitter, set course.
  • Nosh: Tesskil? Do we have to go to Tesskil??
  • Taneel: You can stay onboard, if you want.
  • Nosh: No, no<r />I am fine.
  • Nosh: It is fine.
  • Nosh: Tesskil is fine.
  • [Taneel looks at motionless Nosh]
  • Taneel: ... Your eye is twitching.
  • Nosh: Is it?