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  • Nosh: The secret police are reading my mail?
  • Skitter: What do you care? ... Most of your mail is just funny pictures of seals.
  • Nosh: hee hee! ... They are the puppies of the sea!
  • Skitter: Whoaaaa. You have 84 unread vidpacks in here.
  • Nosh: pfffft! Is junk mail... trying to sell me nail polish.
  • Skitter: No: They're all from your grandpa.
  • Skitter: ... Nail polish?
  • Nosh: Eeesh. They are so many! Which one to open first?
  • Skitter: Maybe the one titled "Open this open this" with 23 exclamation points?
  • [click]
  • Nosh's grandfather: "Nosh... please. Don't forward me any more pictures of seals."
  • Skitter: Hoooooop. Not that one.
  • Nosh: He is kidding. He loves!
  • Nosh: I send more.
  • [click! click! click!]


  • Interestingly, Skitter's argument about why Nosh shouldn't care too much about the secret police reading his mail is a quite contemporary thing during today's secret service reading everyone's mail crisis.