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  • Taneel: Ah, Orla. Lovely of you to show up. Entire ship waiting on you. Trying to win a war. No big deal.
  • Orla: Sorry, cap'n. The emperpr wanted a report on Skitter's mohawk.
  • Taneel: And will I be receiving that report?
  • Orla: ... Um, no. Once I filed it, my report was off-limits even to me: It's above our paygrades.
  • Taneel: [off-screen] Lovely.
    Well, Skitter, take us up.
  • Orla: [off-screen] The emperor did send along a message for us, captain.
    ... Or rather for Nosh.
  • Nosh: ... For me?
  • Emperor Cruz: Veetan: My secret police have brought a small detail to my attention:
  • Emperor Cruz: You need to check your †#?@★*🗲 INBOX.
  • Nosh: maaah!
  • Taneel: Hologram, Nosh. Hologram.