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  • Ahmis: I speak the words that have always been spoken.
  • Ahmis: "You live, but are not yet alive."
  • [triangle goes ting!]
  • Ahmis: "You see, but are not yet seen."
  • Ahmis: "You move, but have not yet made."
  • [triangle goes ting!]
  • Ahmis: "You are I, as I am you...
  • Ahmis: ... in a line stretching back before time.
  • Ahmis: ... In a line stretching on without end."
  • [KRAK]
  • [triangle goes ting!]
  • [KRAK]
  • Ahmis: "You are the Continuum"
  • pre-Maker: I... am the Continuum.


  • This is the first time a pre-Maker's spawning is shown in the comic.