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  • Rogue Spirit: d the soil?
  • Ahmis: It's good. The spawning will go quickly.
  • Rogue Spirit: Sh o uld I prepare you a shelter?
  • Ahmis: No. We need to turn our focus to you, first.
  • Ahmis: I have given you three fundamental drives: To know. To survive. To create.
  • Ahmis: Create for me, now. Reproduce mirror selves. Give me an army to command.
  • Ahmis: ... Then, turn your attention to the ship.
  • Rogue Spirit: e shi p?
  • Ahmis: We must animate all things.
    Pour your mind into the ship itself.


  • Know. Survive. Create. This might be an allusion to Asimov's three laws of robotics, especially with the "survive" part.