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  • Fernando: Hey Nosh... You the only one up?
  • Nosh: 'Nando! You are back! How did meeting go?
  • Fernando: War. It's war.
  • Nosh: Oh no! I hope it was not my potato salad.
  • Fernando: No... Just the full militarization of the empire.
  • Nosh: We should be waking the captain, and telling her.
  • Fernando: Wake her?? Heck no! I've learned never to wake her.
  • Nosh: Ooof... right. She is like Russian bear.
  • Nosh: Hee hee... But without the furry belly that likes the tickles.
  • Fernando: Wait... WHAT?? Have you tickled a Russian bear??


  • Bears aren't known to experience the gargalesis type of tickling that humans do.[1]


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