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  • Skitter: Two days they been goin' at it. ... How long do these Grand Councils last?
  • Taneel: Last one took a week.
  • Nosh: ha ha ha! YAHTZEE!
  • Skitter: Buhhhhhh. This game is bore-snore. I'm out.
  • Nosh: The trick is to roll the Yahtzee and then yell the "Yahtzee."
  • Nosh: ... That is when it is fun.
  • Skitter: ... And why does Orla get shore-leave and we don't??
  • Taneel: The Imperial War College requested it. She's giving a talk on Veetan lymph nodes.
  • Nosh: We gotta lotta lymph.
  • Skitter: Man. I'd give a talk on fat turtles if it got me off this ship.
  • Nosh: Interesting. How fat can turtles get? They are the ones with shell-condo, yes?
  • Nosh: You would think shell keeps them all squished in and thin...
  • Skitter: Why? Your shirts don't.
  • Nosh: My shirts do the best they can. ... Blame is not with them.
  • Nosh: ... is not with them.


  • The bone core inside a turtle's shell grows like any other bone. The rest of the shell is made out of different materials and it stretches or grows along the bones in the shell.