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  • Emperor Cruz: What? ... My what??
  • Emperor Cruz: Oh. Oh yes.
  • [dramatic pause]
  • Emperor Cruz: Cousins! Our empire faces a dire enemy. One far worse than the Vinn or Tesskans ever were.
  • Emperor Cruz: For this is a truly existential threat. One that could wipe us from the stars.
  • Emperor Cruz: The Continuum's religion seems to think the greatest sin in the universe is us using the Drive. ... And they're demanding we return every last ring on every last ship.
  • Emperor Cruz: They would put the human race back 200 years... and strand us in-system!
  • Emperor Cruz: The can not do this
  • Emperor Cruz: They will not do this.
  • Emperor Cruz: Cousins... I ask you, here in the Grand Council, to do the one thin that I can not...
  • Emperor Cruz: DECLARE WAR!


  • This is the first mention of the Vinn and the war with them.
  • Emperor Cruz might be wrong about several things:
    • The continuum's social structure does resemble a religion, but it doesn't necessarily mean it is one. However, references to "theology" help the case that it is indeed a religion.[1]
    • It might not be the greatest "sin", what Ahmis did might have been worse.
    • It is still unclear if that's what the Continuum wants, messages we have seen so far are somewhat cryptic.[2]


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