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  • Tesskan: Give it up, Veetan. There are 20 of us and one of you.
  • Tesskan: You goin' down, boy.
  • Nosh: Maybe you forget why you lost the war, Tesskan.
  • [Nosh rams elbow into Tesskan's stomach with a HOOMF]
  • Nosh: You didn't lose because of the humans
  • Nosh: You lost because you made my lovely, peaceful, joy-filled people...
  • [Nosh kicks Tesskan with a BAM!]
  • Nosh: pissed off.
  • [Nosh knocks out Tesskan with a WHAM]
  • Nosh: [breathe breathe breathe]
  • Taneel: I've never seen you lose it like that.
  • Nosh: I... have a... history... with the Tesskans
    ... I broke little nail!