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  • Nosh: Is amazing to think! All your family is gathered for the big reunion!
  • Fernando: The Grand Council's not really a "reunion," Nosh.
  • Nosh: You will see nephews and say "look how tall you are I remember when this high ha-ha-ha...."
  • Fernando: It's more of a meeting
  • Nosh: And there will be jokes and food and so much fun.
  • Fernando: It's actually super serious.
  • Nosh: And you will say "Look! There is crazy uncle Jimmy-Jams he is so bald, now..."
  • Fernando: "... Jimmy-Jams"?
  • Nosh: Oh! Speaking of family: I make you potato salad to take.
  • Nosh: Everyone will like.
  • Nosh: Pretend you make! You will be hit of party.
  • Fernando: No... NO'... I'm not gonna bring--
  • Nosh: epp epp epp... I do not take "no" for answer.
  • [La Familia members looking serious at 'Nando and his potato salad]


  • This is the first time Fernando's crazy uncle Jimmy-Jams is mentioned.[1]
  • This is the first appearance of the leftmost La Familia member. Fernando, Gustavo, Emperor Cruz and the cousin on the right have already appeared.


  1. not an actual character