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  • Cast out from the Colegium, cast out from the Continuum, he was on the run.
  • ... Or rather, "they" were on the run.
  • Rogue Spirit: Thi s w ay! T he sh ip.
  • There was no recovering from this. Fleeing was their only option.
  • ... But to where? To what end??
  • Rogue Spirit: ma ker! We must f ly!
  • He leaped the ship.
  • [ship goes thoom]
  • And stopped.
  • And leaped again.
  • Dozens of times, changing trajectories with each leap
  • The Ring's wake was traceable, but it would take time.
  • And he needed time: Time to think. Time to plan. ... Time to build an army.
  • Ahmis: Land the ship. I need to spawn.


  • This is the first time a Maker speaks in the comic.