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  • [Machito lands with a loud VOOOOOOOMMM, with the Ring lining up with the "O"'s]
  • Skitter: pssst! Didn't you find it weid that the captain steered us in during the last stage?
  • Nosh: pssst! No... Is always the case. Only captains are allowed to know location of Earth. Not even pilots or computers.
  • Skitter: Whoa. Wait. Why did you "pssst" back??
  • Taneel: Crew! Listen up! I'd normally grant shore-leave in a situation like this, but orders are "only Familia" leave the ship.
  • Nosh: But... But...
  • Taneel: I get it. We all want to stretch our lefs. But 10,000 ships just landed in Madrid, and the city can't handle it. So here we sit.
  • Taneel: And sit.
  • Nosh: Oooo! I know what that means...!
  • Taneel: Nosh, NO. Stop. It does not mean a Yahtzee tournament.