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  • The act of creation is the organizing principle of the Continuum. Since biological reproduction is immediate, painless, and identical for them... the birth of a new machination -- a new "Spirit" -- is the ultimate individuating act.
  • It illuminates the universe with the declaration: "I was here. I birthed this. I will live on."
  • The judgment of what constitutes a new Spirit falls to the highest-ranking Makers: The Colegium. Only they have the power to distinguish the truly "new" from a mere iteration of an iteration.
  • As such, theirs is the holiest work... And they themselves are beyond reproach.
  • Imagine their shock, then, whe one of their own brings forth a true abomination for judgment:
  • A Spirit which is itself... a Maker.
  • Rogue Spirit: gre e tings to yo u


  • This is the first time a Maker (or a derivative) speaks.
  • This is the first time the Rogue Spirit appears in the comic. It is the only known form of strong A.I. in the Drive universe.