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  • [meditation huts]
  • [zoom on Nosh's grandfather's hut]
  • [Nosh's grandfather meditating]
  • Nosh's grandfather: [thinking] (WAIT.)
  • Nosh's grandfather: I have seen those creatures before! ... At the fuel depot on Kochi.
  • [taps on device, which goes deet deet]
  • Nosh's grandfather: Nosh! Are you still on Veeta? ... Nosh??
  • Nosh's grandfather: tsssh. ... Already gone.
  • [deet deet]
  • Nosh's grandfather: What the...?
  • Nosh's grandfather: ... He left half-eaten sandwhiches back here.
  • Nosh's grandfather: When did he have time to eat?


  • This is the first mention of Kochi.