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  • Taneel: Oh. I see what you're asking, Skitter.
  • Skitter: Steve.
  • Taneel: --Skitter. This is a pickle. You do need to sleep at some point.
  • Taneel: But as soon as I relieve you, we have a statistically significant chance of hittin' a pebble and blowin' the heck up.
  • Nosh: One option, captain? We actually travel much faster with Skitter
  • Skitter: Steve!
  • Nosh: Skitter piloting the ship. So, perhaps we come to full stio while he sleeps... then make up time when he's awake?
  • Taneel: We could. We could. Or we could just introduce Skitter
  • Skitter: SIGH
  • Taneel: to my favorite crewmate: Mr. Espresso Machine.
  • Nosh: [off-screen] Captain, we can not just pump him full of coffee like a third-year architecture student.
  • Taneel: [off-screen] Heck yes we can.
  • Taneel: Nosh, do you realize the entire armada is returning to Madrid at the same time??
  • Taneel: ... Do you realize where we'll park if we're late??
  • Nosh: Ohhhh. I had not thought about tha--
  • Taneel: In a dang Wal-mart parking lit in Barcelona. That's where.


  • This is our first introduction to crewperson Espresso Machine.[1]


  1. not an actual character