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  • Taneel: Night crew! ... How goes it?
  • Skitter: Good, captain. Everything is hooooooo
  • [ship evades asteroid with a BANK]
  • Nosh: We have been coming up with a name for our pilot, here! We both agree we like...
  • Skitter: ...Steve!
  • [silent panel of Taneel staring back]
  • Taneel: Well, lessee now: "Skitter is a ridiculous name that sounds like an 18th century case of the trots....
  • Taneel: ... but "Steve" is the name of my jerk of an ex-husband.
  • [silent panel of Taneel and Skitter staring at each other]
  • Skitter: ... Skitter it is?
  • Taneel: Skitter it is.


  • This is the first time Taneel's ex-husband Steven is mentioned.