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  • Skitter: [off-screen] It's 3AM, Nosh. Do we hafta invent a name for me now?
  • Nosh: [off-screen] I say we go with "Pablo Picasso": You both are short, talented... and wear no pants.
  • Skitter: I am not going by "Pablo Picasso"
  • Nosh: Oooo... wait. What if your name was "Mr. Fancy Pants"?? Then, every time you walk into roon, people have to say "Welllllll lookit Mr. Fnacy Pants, there."
  • Skitter: No.
  • Nosh: How about something cute like "Boopsie-Diddle"? Who woul not like someone name "Boopsie-Diddle"?
  • Skitter: NO.
  • Nosh: Well, when you walk, your leetle toenails make sound like kitty skittering across floor..... So maybe we go with something like... "Skitter."
  • Nosh: Yes... I like that! "Skitter"! "Skitter Fancy-Pants Jones"!
  • Skitter: ... Is "Steve" taken? Can't we just go with "Steve"??


  • This is the first time Skitter's name is used.