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  • Fernando: Nosh! We have to go!
  • Nosh: ... What? We are just arriving.
  • Fernando: [off-screen] No... it's... um. We gotta go-go.
  • Nosh: [off-screen] Oh. Ohhhh.' ... Grand-pa-pa has facilities, if you need. Veetans are not savages.
  • Fernando: No. It's... we just... we gotta...
  • Nosh: Is nothing to be ashaming of. ... We are all biological beings, here.
  • Fernando: I have a ringing in my ear, Nosh. Do you know what that means??
  • Nosh: Ha! Yes! Means you waited too long! ... We go! We go!
  • Fernando: I don't have to go to the bathroom!!
  • Skitter: Dang! Are humans always so weord about piddlin'?
  • Nosh's grandfather: Yes.
  • Nosh: Yes.
  • Nosh's grandfather: Yes.