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  • On his 150th year as a Maker, he was again eligible to test for the Collegium.
  • He had failed in his 50th and 100th year: too little command experience, too thin a grasp of theology, and most importantly... too few Spirits birthed.
  • But the intervening fifty years had been productive ones... and his proctors were impressed.
  • So impressed, that they advanced him on to the final stage: the "test of tests."
  • The posed question, they explained, was different for every cadidate -- and here was his: Birth a Spirit that could isolate and contain a single quark.
  • And do it using only the meager materials provided.
  • Do it within one week
    ... and without sustenance
  • ... He immediately wished he hadn't skipped breakfast.


  • This is the first time the Colegium appears in the comic (in its alternate spelling). Despite their clerical(?) uniform, all of them differ in the hair-like floaty stuff above their heads.
  • From today's understanding of physics, this is a big challenge indeed. As far as we know, a single quark cannot exist alone.