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  • The silent call goes out to 7,000 members of La Familia...
  • On every planet, on every ship -- wherever they might be -- the call rings in their cochlear nerve implant.
  • Everywhere...
  • Gustavo: [thinks] (Oh no.)
  • Everywhere...
  • Orla: [thinks] (Oh no.)
  • Everywhere...
  • Judge: [thinks] (Oh no.)
  • Everywhere...
  • Fernando: Oh no.
  • Nosh ... I know! I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have had cheese with beans.


  • The cochlear nerve implants are the same kind of technology as we have seen so far[1], but it is the first time it is being used over long distances - and it seems to transmit instantaneously (possibly through the use of Ring Relays).


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