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  • Cousin: But sir! If we call a grand council, it will grind the empire to a halt!
  • Emperor Cruz: I've made my decision: Now, call them in.
  • Cousin: No one's called a grand council in 100 years! The empire's just too large, now... too complex.
  • Emperor Cruz: I need a vote if I'm to truly... deal... with the Continuum.
  • Emperor Cruz: Call them.
  • Cousin: [off-screen] It will halt every warship, every transport! It will shut down every consul, every magistrate! We cannot do it!
  • Emperor Cruz: [off-screen] I said call them in.
  • Cousin: But sir...
  • Emperor Cruz: Call them in, you ★#?* flea! Bring me every last member of La Familia!